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Impress your patients with 3Shape TRIOS®

Take advantage of the award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanner to enhance patient experience, reduce chair-time, and unlock new treatment opportunities. Unlike many other solutions, TRIOS gives you continuous software updates, and optional dental treatment modules to ensure that your practice stays ahead as your business grows stronger.


Wireless Intraoral scanning

Enjoy the freedom of wireless intraoral scanning with TRIOS 3 Wireless. Same speed, accuracy, and technology but wireless.

  • No annoying wires
  • Easy battery exchange for non-stop scanning
  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries

Fast and comfortable

TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy for dentists and assistants ensuring optimal comfort for patients and reduced chair time.


Documented high accuracy

Ensure optimal treatment results for your patients. 3Shape TRIOS delivers high accuracy on single units, quads and full arch, as documented by several comparative university studies.1

"The TRIOS accuracy is unparalleled, and I could not practice dentistry to the same caliber without it,"

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S, Los Angeles, USA.

1 Hack and Patzelt, 2015.*

*A TRIOS Standard was used in the studies. Internal tests show equal or increased accuracy in the later generations of TRIOS scanners. Data on file.



Engage patients with realistic colour scans

Create high quality digital impressions in lifelike colors to evaluate treatment and improve patient dialogue.

“The natural colours enable us to better evaluate treatment. Doctors, staff and patients love it!”

Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, Prosthodontist, New York, USA.


Digital tools for better treatment

Shade measurement for digital reliability, HD photos to enhance details, and an intraoral camera so you don’t need one on the side. TRIOS® shade measurement was found to be more reliable than the human eye in a recent joint university study.2

2 Gotfredsen et al., April 2015.

Get more open options

Select the scanner according to your needs and budget

Choose scanning with or without colour


Realistic colours, shade measurement, and an intraoral camera


TRIOS 3 Mono

Start with a cost efficient black & white texture solution and upgrade to colour later


Choose your grip and connection

TRIOS Handle grip

Wireless or with wire


TRIOS Pen grip

Wireless or with wire


Choose your setup


All-in-one solution on wheels with multi-touch screen.
Also available as battery powered version.



Portable, lightweight pod and scanner connects to your laptop via USB



Choose your workflow – one solution for in-house and send-to-lab

  • Send to lab for the full range of indications
  • Freely connect to thousands of 3Shape labs and other labs
  • Easily communicate and interact using your TRIOS®, mobile devices and web browser
  • Take advantage of the widest range of treatment options with verified CAD/CAM lab workflows


3Shape TRIOS Design Studio

  • Complete chairside CAD/CAM solution
  • Step-by-step workflow to design and mill crowns in your practice
  • Software places margin line with high precision and automatically creates a highly esthetic tooth
  • Create crowns, Inlays, bridges, veneers and screw retained crowns


GROW your practice

Empower your practice with the comprehensive and ever-expanding 3Shape TRIOS ecosystem and continuous software upgrades:

  • Restorative Labs
  • Patient Management Systems
  • Implant Manufacturers
  • Orthodontic Treatment Providers
  • Milling machines & 3D printers

Impress your patients with the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

Wireless scanning is insanely fast! - Really fast - See here!

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